Blue Angels Magic Mushrooms for sale in California 

Blue Angels Magic Mushrooms for sale in California, Buy Blue Angels Magic Mushrooms online San Francisco, also known as Blue Runners, Flying Saucers, Azzies, or P. azurescens, are the most robust psilocybin species that mainly grow in the wild. These mushrooms have the highest psilocybin percentage (up to 1.78 percent), biocytin (0.35 percent), and psilocin (0.38 percent), which is much more than p. semilanceata or p. cubensis. Thus, only one gram of blue angel magic mushrooms could be potent, so it should be treated lightly with extra powerful fungi. Continue reading the below section to explore more about it.

Effects of blue angels psychedelics mushroom

The primary effects of taking blue angels psychedelics mushroom includes Euphoria, happiness, hallucinations, and Extreme Laughter. These widely known blue angel mushrooms, also named flying saucers, are famous for their profound inner journeys and intense visuals. The mighty strength of these mushrooms also makes them prevalent for micro-dosing as per the strain database Psillow. Moreover, you would require very little to get the intended effects.

Side effects of blue angels psilocybin mushrooms

The blue angel psilocybin mushrooms often cause potential physical and psychological side effects. Even there is a risk of paralysis after taking higher doses. Although temporary, it can induce anxiety experience if users are not mentally prepared. However, generally, the side effects occur due to the consumption of higher doses, so always try to take an average dose to avoid harmful effects.

Where To buy blue angels psilocybin mushrooms online California

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