AUNT ZAMIMA: Blueberry Waffle Cone


AUNT ZAMIMA: Blueberry Waffle Cone

Aunt Zamima’s Blueberry Waffle Cone also known as “Auntie” or “Aunt Za”, is an 100% Indica strain. This fruity aroma and sweet tasting flower sits at 35% THC and provides users with a calming yet creative, cerebral experience that rapidly extends into the body and limbs in the form of soothing euphoria. Another fan favorite, customers say this strain is a heavy hitter for even the OG, TRIPLE OG smokers. Aunt Zamima is cultivated in Northern California by a team of LOCAL Flower Enthusiasts from the East Coast.

⊕ Nose & Taste(s): Sweet aroma, Creamy sugar taste ⊕ May help with: Chronic pain relief, reducing anxiety and depression ⊕ Feelings: Talkative, aroused, tingly


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